Grid Patterns and a pop of colour


Today is a very happy day for me since the past few weeks have been upside down. I was ill for one week , then chicken pox for the next week , then in and out of the hospital for this week trying to find out if I had Malaria, yesterday was the last day i have to go there for any reason. I really hate hospitals. Chicken pox was brutal , I didn't have it as a kid so it really knocked me out. I'm glad to be back to life , when I've been ill i feel like I'm locked away in a box and when I'm well again everything seems new to me.

Being ill when you're older is just an inconvenience , I honestly believe only Children should be ill, that way there is always someone to take care of you.

I was supposed to be going to the library here , i'm trying to figure out what I should be writing for my dissertation even though the time for that has totally gone , i just hope I can get my shit together and scoop up something great.

Pants : ASOS
Shoes : ZARA 

plus a mens sweater from burton and h&m accessories.

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