Valentine's Day



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A picture speaks a thousand words. I have always been in love with Vintage , 50's retro inspired editorials and the women in the photographs or models as the case may be create such a moving picture. These are the sort of pictures I look at when I desperately need inspiration on days like today when I'm in such low spirits.
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This is one of my favourite tops ever - its sexy and revealing in the way that I like but not too much , I got it in the Zara Sale a few months ago , Sale being the recurring word on this blog because I only shop or mostly shop when there is a sale (budget blogger yeah) - this is why I love ASOS I can save everything in my Saved items and once they go on sale I can click away.
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I found this wonderful dress at Iris lane vintage and purchased it immediately , I love how it looks like a cape at the back hence the title of this post.
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