Monday, April 21

DIY inspired : Balmain Flared Skirt

This is just a simple DIY , I got this skirt from asos but thought it was a little boring even with that peplum hem , tried to make it look like this one by Balmain . You can use buttons to make an item of clothing less boring, just get some vintage buttons off eBay (I love any gold ones ) put them on an old blazer , high waisted trousers (trying that next time )  and even on a lovely knit cardigan. 

Sunday, April 13

Sexy Spring


I originally wanted to get this just female tee I'm the sweatshirt version but I had to remind myself that I live in Lagos and the weather is not sweatshirt friendly or am I the sort of person who would do anything in the name of Fashion ?

Whilst pondering that thought ... Glad I found a warm weather alternative ...

Wearing a just female muscle tee , Zara jeans , river island sandals , I love the duck egg blue clutch in this post from Dorothy Perkins (can you believe it) and dkny and remiss accessories.


Sunday, April 6

Inspiration ....

    .... a few pictures of what has been inspiring me lately , turning 24 this year is influencing m decision to make a style transition into dressing more ladylike but sexy at the same time.